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Pic ID Description Price
70309 Byzantine Bronze 33mm Unknown 6.00
28881 Crusader Frankish Greece Achaea Silver 1285 AD 60.00
Silver Denar of Charles II of Anjou 1285-1289 Crusader occupation of Greece, Malloy #12, approx 18mm across, nice shape for type.
62277 Ancient Greek Silver Mesembria Diobol 4th century BC 60.00
Thrace, Mesembria AR Diobol. 4th century BC. Facing helmet / META within spokes of whee
33537 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Mithridates VIII 39-42 AD Bronze Assari 55.00
Bronze, approx 20mm across
33539 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Sabromat I 93-124 AD Bronze Stater 50.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across
40338 Greece Kings of Bosphorus Thothorses cAD280 Stater 58.00
Mitchiner 235, Thothorses AD 279-309, bronze, approx 19mm across and thick, stater, lovely patina.
27839 India Ancient Vijayanagar Unit Bronze Lion c1520AD Nice 17.00
Mitchiner NIS 901, copper, approx 17mm across, Krishna Devaraja (1519-1529), interesting item
73405 Faustina Senior Denarius AD 140-141 Rome 42.00
RIC 362, silver, approx 17mm across, original toning, DIVA FAVSTINA, draped bust right / AVGVSTA, Ceres standing left, holding torch and lifting skirt.
69660 Roman 5 Bronze Genuine coins c200 AD 20.00
5 coins as shown
47453 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian Antioch 290AD As Struck 30.00
Sear 12654, approx 22mm across, no signs of wear on this lovely Antoninianus of Diocletian, struck in 290-294 in the city of Antioch (now in modern day Syria). Lovely steel grey patina, problem free, very well struck up and very nicely centered, retains much of its original silvering. Reverse shows Jupiter holding globe and scepter facing Hercules holding Victory and a club legend IOV ET HERCV CONSER AVG. Guaranteed genuine. This coin is from the CNG (Classical Numismatic Group) Triton V auction (1/2002).
74174 Roman Antoninianus Gallienus Rome Mint Panther AD 253-68 10.00
RIC 230, bronze, approx 21mm across, Obv/ GALLIENVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed but right. Rev/ LIBERO P CONS AVG / Panther walking left; B in exergue
74176 Roman Antoninianus Philip I Rome AD 249 12.00
RIC IV 63b, silver, approx 21mm acoss, IMP PHILIPPVS AVG. / Fortuna seated l., holding rudder and cornucopia; wheel below seat FORTVNA REDVX
70701 Roman Antoninianus Tacitus AD 275 Lugdunum Equitas 5.00
From modern day Lyon, RIC Va 14 variety
74175 Roman Antoninianus Tetricus II Trier Mint Spes AD 273-274 16.00
RIC 270, bronze, approx 21mm across, Mainz or Trier Mint 273-274 AD Obverse: C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind Reverse: SPES AVGG, Spes advancing left extending flower in right, raising skirt drapery with left
74183 Roman Bronze Constantine I (306-337) 9.00
Bronze, approx 17mm acrossm IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG / SOLI INV-I-CTO COMITI
73660 Roman Claudius II 268270 AD Eagle 9.00
Divus Claudius II AE Antoninianus. DIVO CLAVDIO, radiate head right / CONSECRATIO, eagle standing left, head right. RIC 266, Cohen 43; Sear 11459, RIC 266.
62117 Roman Crispus Bronze 317-326 Altar 8.00
Approx 20mm across
73406 Roman Denarius Domitian Rome 92 AD Minerva 42.00
RIC 741, silver, approx 18mm across Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XII Laureate head of Domitian to right. Rev: IMP XXII COS XVI CENS P P P Minerva standing left, holding hunderbolt in her right hand and spear with her left; shield at her side.
73291 Roman Denarius Vespasian Rome AD 75 ex Mount 20.00
Vespasian AR Denarius. Rome, AD 75. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head to right / PON MAX TR P COS VI, Pax seated to left, holding branch and resting hand in lap. RIC II.1 772; BMCRE 161
73397 Roman Set of 6 Genuine Bronzes 308-395 Attributed in Old Collection 24.00
2 Constantine the Great, one Constantine II, 2 Constantius II, and one Honorius
73659 Rome Constantius II 337-361 AD Soldier Spearing Captive 9.00
Bronze, approx 19mm across, Constantius II, 337-361AD, obverse D N CONSTANTIUS PF AVG, reverse Fel Temp Reparatio ("Good times are here again"), clearly referring to the good times of spearing a captive.
big lot
65480 Roman Gallienus AD 260-268 7.00
Bronze, genuine coin, approx 20mm across
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