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Pic ID Description Price
68888 Ancient Byzantine Aspron Trachy Cup Coin Scyphate Bust Christ 10.00
Bronze, approx 30mm across
28881 Crusader Frankish Greece Achaea Silver 1285 AD 60.00
Silver Denar of Charles II of Anjou 1285-1289 Crusader occupation of Greece, Malloy #12, approx 18mm across, nice shape for type.
62277 Ancient Greek Silver Mesembria Diobol 4th century BC 60.00
Thrace, Mesembria AR Diobol. 4th century BC. Facing helmet / META within spokes of whee
33537 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Mithridates VIII 39-42 AD Bronze Assari 55.00
Bronze, approx 20mm across
33539 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Sabromat I 93-124 AD Bronze Stater 50.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across
40338 Greece Kings of Bosphorus Thothorses cAD280 Stater 58.00
Mitchiner 235, Thothorses AD 279-309, bronze, approx 19mm across and thick, stater, lovely patina.
27839 India Ancient Vijayanagar Unit Bronze Lion c1520AD Nice 17.00
Mitchiner NIS 901, copper, approx 17mm across, Krishna Devaraja (1519-1529), interesting item
70010 India Ancient Yaudheya & Kushan Empire 3rd Century Large Bronze 10.00
Bronze, approx 23mm across, Post Kushan Yaudheya Republic bronze unit from the 3rd century, depicting Kartitikeya on one side and Yaudheya Ganasya Jaya on the other. These are from the Ganges River Valley.
68970 Constantine The Great Constantinople Angel Bronze 333AD 5.00
Coin struck under Constantine I (307-337AD) to commemorate the founding of Constantinople, bronze, approx 17mm across, depicts helmeted bust of Constantine wearing mantle and holding scepter. Reverse shows goddess of victory Nike with shield advancing. RIC Trier 563. Struck AD 333-34.
69659 Roman 4 Bronze and 1 Silver Genuine coins c200 AD 20.00
5 coins as shown
69660 Roman 5 Bronze Genuine coins c200 AD 22.00
5 coins as shown
63273 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian c286AD 20.00
Diocletian 286-293AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
68868 Roman Antoninianus Female Portrait Unknown 10.00
63045 Roman Antoninianus Quintillus 270 AD Mediolanum 85.00
bronze approx 17mm across Antoninianus. Mediolanum, AD 270. IMP QVINTILLVS AVG, radiate and draped bust right / FIDES MILIT, Fides standing facing, head left, holding two standards; S in exergue. RIC 52
68856 Roman Bronzes Set of 5 Genuine c250-250 AD 10.00
70082 Roman Constantine 18mm AD 324-325 Nicomedia (?) Mint 10.00
RIC VII 90 (?), Constantine I AE follis. 324-325 AD. CONSTAN-TINVS AVG, laureate head right. / PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG, campgate with two turrets and star above
62117 Roman Crispus Bronze 317-326 Altar 8.00
Approx 20mm across
68903 Rome Sesterius Hadrian? 10.00
Genuine coin but condition as shown, approx 32mm across
big lot
65472 Roman Bronze Claudius II Gothicus 268270 AD 7.00
Bronze, genuine coin, approx 20mm across
65481 Roman Gallienus AD 260-268 7.00
Bronze, genuine coin, approx 20mm across
65480 Roman Gallienus AD 260-268 7.00
Bronze, genuine coin, approx 20mm across
62267 Roman Provincial Cyrenaica Augustus 20-12BC 60.00
CYRENAICA, Cyrene. Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. Semis (22mm, 6.04 g, 6h). Scato, proconsul. Struck circa 20-12 BC. Ram standing right; star above / SC(AT)O within laurel wreath. Asolati 166; RPC I 944; Mller, Afrique 430; BMC 42 see https://pro.coinarchives.com/a/lotviewer.php?LotID=576060&AucID=1034&Lot=341
63762 Rome Severus Alexander Bitinia Nicea Severus Alexander 222-235 AD 45.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across
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