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Don Erickson
511 Ave. of the Americas,
PMB 211
New York, NY 10011-8436

Email Address: dnecoins@nyc.rr.com

About Us

DNECoins is a coin company specializing in interesting and unique world coins and medals. We also specialize in offering Choice BU foreign minor coins of all countries and price categories. We have been buying and selling coins for over 20 years, and have a passion for interesting items. We also provide several services for coin collectors including:

  • We buy individual items or whole collections of US or world coins, or US or world tokens, medals and exonumia. We pay especially high prices for unique or Gem Quality world minor coins, and we make very competitive offers.
  • We will appraise collections or individual items.
  • We travel to dozens of shows around the world and are happy to take want lists to fill your collecting needs.
  • We offer a web-based attribution service.
  • ... and we run a few auctions per week on Ebay click here to see our auctions on Ebay

We have very high feedback ratings on Ebay - a sign of our service and support.

All items are authentic / genuine unless noted
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