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Pic ID Description Price
50532 Byzantine Bronze Leo VI c900AD 20.00
Sear 1729, bronze, approx 23mm across
50539 Byzantine Bronze Pholas 604AD Leontia Antioch 28.00
Sear 671, bronze, approx 21mm across, nice color and patina
19844 Byzantine Follis Manuel I AD 1143 Overstruck Christ 17.00
Large bronze, approx 30mm across, nice old patina, looks overstruck on an earlier type, possibly an Islamic coin. I'm not that great at attributing these, but looks like Manuel I, 1143-1180 AD.
28881 Crusader Frankish Greece Achaea Silver 1285 AD 60.00
Silver Denar of Charles II of Anjou 1285-1289 Crusader occupation of Greece, Malloy #12, approx 18mm across, nice shape for type.
62277 Ancient Greek Silver Mesembria Diobol 4th century BC 60.00
Thrace, Mesembria AR Diobol. 4th century BC. Facing helmet / META within spokes of whee
62269 Egypt Greece Ptolemy IV 221-204 BC 100.00
Bronze, apptox 28mm across
61907 Egypt Ptolemy I as Satrap 323-305 BC, AR tetradrachm Scratch 250.00
(16.57g), Memphis or Alexandreia mint, Price-3971c, SNG-Copenhagen 7, in the name and types of Alexander III of Macedon, struck circa 323/2-317/1 BC, head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin // Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; rose in left field, DI below throne, O to left of scepter, several test cuts, Fine,
33537 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Mithridates VIII 39-42 AD Bronze Assari 55.00
Bronze, approx 20mm across
33538 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Rheskuporis V 314-342 AD Bronze Stater 65.00
Bronze, approx 19mm across
33539 Greece Cimmerian Bosporus Sabromat I 93-124 AD Bronze Stater 50.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across
40338 Greece Kings of Bosphorus Thothorses cAD280 Stater 58.00
Mitchiner 235, Thothorses AD 279-309, bronze, approx 19mm across and thick, stater, lovely patina.
33547 Greece Thrace Odessus cBC200 Bronze 30.00
Bronze, approx 21mm across Sear 1679
41936 India Ancient Pala Silver Drachm c850AD Mitchiner ACW 398 11.00
Mitchiner ACW 398, silver, approx 17mm across, struck 850-908 AD, Vigrahapala.
55525 India Ancient Indo Parthia Silver Drachm Nahapana 110AD 25.00
Silver, approx 16mm across, Mitcheriner Ancient & Classical World Volume #2682-2684, struck around 104-124 AD
55524 India Ancient Indo Parthia Silver Drachm Nahapana 110AD 25.00
Silver, approx 16mm across, Mitcheriner Ancient & Classical World Volume #2682-2684, struck around 104-124 AD
55523 India Ancient Indo Parthia Silver Drachm Nahapana 110AD 25.00
Silver, approx 16mm across, Mitcheriner Ancient & Classical World Volume #2682-2684, struck around 104-124 AD
55521 India Ancient Indo Parthia Silver Drachm Nahapana 110AD 27.00
Silver, approx 16mm across, Mitcheriner Ancient & Classical World Volume #2682-2684, struck around 104-124 AD
34406 India Ancient Kushan 3rd Century Large Bronze 12.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across.
61692 India Ancient Soter Megas c55AD Kabul Valley Kapisa 13.00
Mitchiner ACW#2920, bronze, approx 17mm across, Soter Megas c55-105 AD, struck in the Kabul Vally
27839 India Ancient Vijayanagar Unit Bronze Lion c1520AD Nice 17.00
Mitchiner NIS 901, copper, approx 17mm across, Krishna Devaraja (1519-1529), interesting item
59048 India Ancient Yaudheya & Kushan Empire 3rd Century Large Bronze 12.00
Bronze, approx 23mm across, Post Kushan Yaudheya Republic bronze unit from the 3rd century, depicting Kartitikeya on one side and Yaudheya Ganasya Jaya on the other. These are from the Ganges River Valley.
27909 India Pushkalavati Square Copper Lion Elephant c180 BC 12.00
Interesting item, Mitchiner 4398, bronze 1½ karshapana, anonymous coinage from c185-160BC, depicts a lion and an elephant, interesting design, copper, approx 19mm across.

Pushkalavati is an ancient site situated in Peshawar valley in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is located on the banks of Swat River, near its junction with Kabul River, now it is known as Charsadda. Pushkalavati, meaning Lotus City, was the capital of ancient kingdom Gandhara from the 6th century BC to 2nd century AD.
42580 Inida Ancient Kashmir Lohara Dynasty Stater c1089 AD 12.00
Mitchiner NIS 156, bronze, approx 22mm across, nice grade and strike, Harsha 1089-1101AD
21145 Elam Kamnaskir Orodes III 2nd Century Drachm Portrait 19.00
Kingdom of Elam, part of the Persian Gulf, a vassal of the Parthian Empire. This is a bronze drachm of Kamnaskir Orodes III, from the mid 2nd century AD, Mitchiner 718, bronze, approx 15mm across, nice grade, interesting item.
63277 Roman Antoninianus Aurelian c273AD Oriens AU 35.00
Aurelian 273AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
63273 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian c286AD 28.00
Diocletian 286-293AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
63274 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian c290AD 32.00
Diocletian 290-294AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
63275 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian c293AD Concordia Militum 36.00
Diocletian 293-294AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
31570 Roman Antoninianus Gordian III 243AD Providentia 36.00
Sear 8655, Gordian III AD 238-244, silver, approx 20mm across.
63278 Roman Antoninianus Maximian c293AD Concordia Militum 38.00
Maximian 293AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
62492 Roman Antoninianus of Philip the Arab AD244-249 65.00
Good silver, approx 22mm across.
62491 Roman Antoninianus of Trajan Decius AD249-51 48.00
Good silver, approx 22mm across.
62489 Roman Antoninianus of Trebonianus Gallus AD251-53 22.00
Good silver, approx 22mm across.
63271 Roman Antoninianus Probus c276AD Temple 24.00
Probus 276-282AD, nice grade, bronze, approx 20mm across
63045 Roman Antoninianus Quintillus 270 AD Mediolanum 85.00
bronze approx 17mm across Æ Antoninianus. Mediolanum, AD 270. IMP QVINTILLVS AVG, radiate and draped bust right / FIDES MILIT, Fides standing facing, head left, holding two standards; S in exergue. RIC 52
62116 Roman Crispus Bronze 317-326 Siscia Mint Captives 12.00
Approx 20mm across
62658 Roman Denarius Caracalla 198-211 45.00
Good silver, approx 17mm across
63036 Roman Denarius Commodus 177-192AD Fortuna 40.00
silver approx 17mm across
63044 Roman Denarius Domitian 81-96 AD Minerva 65.00
silver approx 17mm across,Rome, AD 95-96. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XV, laureate head right / IMP XXII COS XVII CENS P P P, Minerva standing left with shield
63034 Roman Denarius Elagabalus 221 - 222AD Rome 40.00
32746 Roman Denarius Geta 209-212 42.00
Geta als Caesar, 197 - 209 obverse SEPTIMIVS GETA CAES reverse PONTIF COS II, RIC 62b; C. 119; BMC 588
62657 Roman Denarius Julia Maesa 218-220 AD 45.00
She was the elder sister of future Roman empress Julia Domna
62656 Roman Denarius Julia Mamaea 235 AD 50.00
Julia Mamaea (mother of Severus Alexander) AR Denarius. Rome, AD 222-235. IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, draped bust right / IVNO CONSERVATRIX, Diademed and veiled figure of Juno standing left, holding patera and sceptre; at her feet, peacock standing left.
63032 Roman Denarius Julia Soaemias AD 218-220 25.00
Julia Soaemias (Augusta, AD 218-222). AR denarius Rome mint. Struck under Elagabalus, AD 218-220. Draped bust right / Venus seated left on throne, holding apple and scepter; to left, child standing right, raising both hands
63042 Roman Denarius Lucius Verus 161-169 AD Providentia 55.00
silver approx 17mm across, Rome, AD 163. IMP L VERVS AVG, bare head of Lucius Verus right. Reverse: PROV DEOR TR P III COS II, Providentia standing facing, head left, holding globe and cornucopiae.
63030 Roman Denarius Septimus Severus 193-211 AD 35.00
silver approx 17mm across c100AD. RESTITVTOR - VRBIS
31578 Roman Denarius Septimus Severus AD 193 - 211 27.00
Silver, approx 17mm across
63043 Roman Denarius Vespasian 69-79 AD Pax 90.00
silver approx 17mm across, an odd type seated right
62124 Roman Diocletian 285 AD Victoria 17.00
Approx 22mm across
62110 Roman Diva Faustina Senior Æ As Rome, after AD 141 AD 12.00
Approx 25mm across
62121 Roman Gallienus 253-260 AD 12.00
Approx 22mm across
62120 Roman Gallienus 253-260 AD Victory 13.00
Approx 22mm across
62487 Roman Licinius Bronze Follis 308-324 AD 12.00
Approx 25mm across
62123 Roman Probus 276 AD Clementia 18.00
Approx 22mm across
62119 Roman Tacitus 270-284 AD Spes Publica 12.00
Approx 22mm across
62397 Rome Bronze Crispus 316-26 19.00
Bronze, excellent grade, approx 18mm across
62030 Rome Domitian As 69-81 AD Rome mint 12.00
approx 26 mm across, bronze
62031 Rome Hadrian As 117-138 AD Rome Mint 15.00
approx 26 mm across, bronze, Laureate and draped bust r. R/ Clementia standing l., holding patera and sceptre
39931 Rome Maximinus II Follis c310AD 17.00
Follis, Maximinus II AD 309-313, obverse GAL VAL MAXIMINUS NOB CAES reverse GENIO CAESARIS. Nice shape, similar to Sear 3753, larger than a quarter, slight weakness in strike in spots.
39932 Rome Maximinus II Follis c310AD XF+ 25mm NICE 18.00
Follis, Maximinus II AD 309-313, obverse GAL VAL MAXIMINUS NOB CAES reverse GENIO CAESARIS. Nice shape, similar to sear 3753, larger than a quarter, slight weakness in strike in spots
21498 Rome Valentinian I 364-375AD Soldier Drags Captive Hair 14.00
Bronze, approx 17mm across, Valentinian I, 364-375AD, obverse DN VALENTINIANUS P F AVG, reverse GLORIA ROMANORUM with soldier dragging a captive by his hair
big lot
62114 Roman Crispus Bronze 317-326 Siscia Mint Wreath 13.00
Approx 20mm across
31572 Roman Egypt Tetradrachm Probus c276 AD 18.00
Bronze, approx 18mm across and thick
62267 Roman Provincial Cyrenaica Augustus 20-12BC 60.00
CYRENAICA, Cyrene. Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. Æ Semis (22mm, 6.04 g, 6h). Scato, proconsul. Struck circa 20-12 BC. Ram standing right; star above / SC(AT)O within laurel wreath. Asolati 166; RPC I 944; Müller, Afrique 430; BMC 42 see https://pro.coinarchives.com/a/lotviewer.php?LotID=576060&AucID=1034&Lot=341
64433 Roman Provincial Diadumenian as Caesar AD 217-218 18.00
MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Diadumenian. As Caesar, AD 217-218. Æ (27mm). Marcus Claudius Agrippa, legatis consularis. Bare head right / City gate with three towers
63762 Rome Severus Alexander Bitinia Nicea Severus Alexander 222-235 AD 45.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across
61912 Roman Republic Denarius A. Postumius 81 BC 65.00
Sear 297 A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus. 81 BC. AR Serrate Denarius Rome mint. Veiled head of Hispania right / Togate figure standing left, raising hand, between aquila and fascesSydenham 746; The moneyer is probably alluding to two events in his family history that relate to the province of Hispania. In 180 BC the proconsul L. Postumius Albinus won a victory over the Vaccaei and Lusitani, for which he was awarded a triumph. In 151 BC the consul A. Albinus called for special levies to confront another Spanish insurgency.
57866 Roman Republic Denarius C. Poblicius Rome Claudius Pucher 110 BC 60.00
Sear 176, Sydenham 569, silver, approx 20mm across, Helmeted head of Roma r., bowl decorated with anulate. Rev. Victory in biga r.; in exergue, C·PVLCHER
8534 Roman Republic Denarius C. Terentius Lucanus 147 BC 85.00
C. Terentius Lucanus. Denarius 147, AR Helmeted head of Roma r., wreathed by Victory standing r. behind her. In lower l. field, X. Rev. The Dioscuri galloping r.; below, C·TER·LVC. In exergue, ROMA in rectangular frame. Babelon Terentia 10. Sydenham 425
61172 Roman Republic Denarius L. Thorius Balbus 105BC 70.00
Sear 192, L. Thorius Balbus. 105 BC. AR Denarius Rome mint. Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat-skin; I • S • M • R behind / Bull charging right; C above, L • THORIVS; in exergue, BALBVS. Sydenham 598
60695 Roman Republic Denarius Procilius 78-75 BC 65.00
Sear 306, silver, approx 18mm across
8543 Roman Republic Q. Titius Denarius 90 BC Pegasus 75.00
Sear 238, Sydenham 691, Q. Titius. Denarius 90, AR 4.14 g. Head of Mutinus Titinus r., wearing winged diadem. Rev. Pegasus prancing r.; below, Q·TITI in linear frame
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