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Pic ID Description Price
31076 Peru Silver Medal 1928 Augusto Leguía 22.00
Silver, approx 26mm across
31412 US Stamps Sons of Philatelia Enamelled Medal c1900 9.00
Bronze, approx 19mm across, a stamp club that was formed in 1901, but vanished I believe around 1900 after one of the founders stole from the organization
56609 Argentina Centennial Birth Jose de San Martin 1878 Sailing Ship 19.00
Bronze, aprox 34mm across
64694 Argentina Club Atlético Belgrano Medal c1910? 7.00
Club Atlético Belgrano is a traditional club and a popular soccer team from the city of Córdoba in Argentina. White Metal, approx 29mm across
28616 Argentina Medal La Plata Pledge of Allegiance 1895 UNC 13.00
Bronze, approx 30mm across, nice glossy AU, "GUARDIA NACIONAL DE LA PLATA" with flags of the nation, BENDICIÓN Y JURA DE LA BANDERA, created for the official release of the Pledge of Allegiance for the country on August 18th 1895.
39571 Argentina Medal Library Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 1910 5.00
Copper nickel, approx 26mm across, looped as issued, plain edge, no edge mark. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Albarracín (San Juan, February 15, 1811 – Asunción, Paraguay, September 11, 1888) was an Argentine activist, intellectual, and writer, and the seventh President of Argentina.
31437 Thaland Commemorative Medal King of Norway 1907-1997 12.00
Looks proof, Copper Nickel - 27 mm, 1997 commemoration of King Chulalongkorn’s month long visit to Norway in 1907, depicts kings of the 2 countries
40281 Australia Medal 1880 International Exhibition Silver 22.00
Silver, approx 22 mm across, holed as issued, Sydney Garden Palace, first international exhibition.
34683 Austria Holy Roman Empire 1736 Marriage Medal 110.00
Bronze, approx 44mm across, 1736, Marriage of François de Lorraine and Marie-Thérčse. Right: TERESIA AND FRANCISCUS / SPONSI B. joined to the left. Reverse: CONUBIUM ILLUSTRAT FATUM Two flaming hearts on an altar with the arms of Austria and Lorraine, gua
59027 Austria Hungary Bohemia Medal 1723 Retruck 1915 20.00
Bronze, approx 36mm across, restruck by the Austrian mint in 1915
64560 Austria Medal Karl Ritter von Stremayr 1912 30.00
Bronze, approx 45mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, by R. Marschall, made for the 80th year of his birth, he was an Austrian statesman. He served as the 9th Minister-President of Cisleithania
62149 Italy Rome Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas 1800s 10.00
bronze, approx 24mm across, looks like early 1800s, I believe an award medal for merit
60099 Belgium Prison Maison de Force Ghent 1826 AU 49.00
Bronze, approx 32mm across, originally founded in 1772, this medal is for the opening of the new prison complex depicted on the medal in 1826
30686 Great Britain Betts Medal American Treasure Captured Vigo Bay 1702 185.00
Betts 97, silver, approx 35mm across
18940 Bolivia Medal Opening of Mental Hospital Sucre 1884 XF! 17.00
Struck to expresses the gratitude of the National Congress to the philanthropist G Pacheco for the establishment of the Pacheco Mental Hospital in Sucre on October 2, 1884. Silver, reeded edge, similar size and weight of a 20 centavo coin of the time, approx 23mm across.
62367 Canada Congress for French Language Quebec 1937 Art Deco 12.00
Bronze, approx 37mm across, The Second Congress on the French Language in Canada (Deuxičme Congrčs de la langue française au Canada) was held at Université Laval in Quebec City from June 27 to 1 July 1937. The theme of the second congress was "The French spirit in Canada, in our language, our laws, our habits" (L'esprit français au Canada, dans notre langue, dans nos lois, dans nos mśurs).
38707 Canada Medal 1939 Royal Visit Cadbury 4.00
White metal, approx 38mm across, holed as issued
38745 Canada Royal Visit 1927 Confederation Anniversary 5.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across
38654 Canada Royal Visit 1939 Visit Larger Size Medal UNC Pair 8.00
Bronze, larger one is approx 31mm across, larger than the more common one that is also included
34773 Canada Royal Visit Quebec Charlottetown Silver Medal 1964 Proof 25.00
Silver, approx 40mm across, Prince Edward Island 100th Anniversary Silver Medal, 1964. Bavarian Mint.
64941 Canda Mint Medal 1908 1968 4.00
Looks like nickel, approx 40mm across
35742 Prince Edward Island One Cent Centennial Medal 1871-1971 7.00
bronze. Approx 39mm across
Central America
43361 Peru Baptismal Medal Silver 1871 Nice XF 11.00
Silver, approx 23mm across, from the "padrinos" (godparents) of a girl born in 1871, I guessed it was from Peru based on the style.
28508 Germany Hand Engraved Award Medal Cooking 1932 17.00
Brass, looped as made, approx 31mm across, "für hervor ragende leistungen auf demgebiet der koch kunst" (for outstanding services in the field of cookery).
58797 Dassier Roman History Silver Hieron of Syracuse Sailing Ship 110.00
Silver, approx 32mm across, made in Geneva in the 1750s by Jean Dassier and his son Antoine. Dassier was born in Geneva in 1672 and was the head of a family of prolific medallists. This one is part of The Roman Series, which contains 60 medals which illustrate Roman history. Produced in both bronze and silver, the series took three years to complete, and was issued by subscription. A lovely item, silver (much scarcer than the bronze), this one depicts the alliance of Rome and Hiero of Sicily, 263 BC. Obverse: Rome helmeted, with spear and shield inscribed 'ROMA', shaking hands with King Hiero. Exergue: 'ALLIANCE DES ROMAINS ET HIERON A.R. 489'. Reverse: Men unloading merchandise from a galley, a quay and a lighthouse (right), ships in the distance. Exergue: 'SECOURS DUN ALLIE FIDELLE' (Help of a faithful ally)
49289 England Edward I Dassier Roman Architecture 1730s UNC! 85.00
Made in Geneva by Jean Dassier c1730, an original struck in bronze, part of a series by subscription of English celebrities, great shape, approx 41mm across.

Edward I (17 June 1239 – 7 July 1307), also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots, was King of England from 1272 to 1307.
43718 England Medal Richard II by Dassier Original 1730s 45.00
Made in Geneva by Jean Dassier c1730, an original struck in bronze, part of a series by subscription of English kings, nice shape, a bit dirty as shown (looks like wax that comes off if you pick it with your fingernail), approx 41mm across.

Richard II (6 January 1367 – c. 14 February 1400) was King of England, a member of the House of Plantagenet and the last of that house's main-line kings. He ruled from 1377 until he was deposed in 1399. Richard was a son of Edward, the Black Prince and was born during the reign of his grandfather, Edward III.
38767 Column of the Immaculate Conception Dedication Rome 1857 6.00
An electrotype, made around 1860, whit emetal filled bronze, approx 26mm across
38761 British Exposition of 1925 Nobel Industries Art Deco 5.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across
48054 England Medal 300th Anniversary Edward VI School Wyon 1850 99.00
Bronze, approx 42mm across, engraved by L.C. Wyon, for the 300th anniversary in 1850.
33076 England Napleonic Wars 1801 Battle of Copenhagen Lord Nelson 30.00
Looks like silvered bronze, approx 20mm across, made in commemoration of the naval battle in which a British fleet fought a large force of the Dano-Norwegian Navy anchored near Copenhagen on 2 April 1801.
59144 England Victoria and Prince Albert Marriage Medal 1840 7.00
White metal, approx 25mm across
62863 England Victoria Birth Medal Princess Helena 1846 7.00
Bronze, approx 8mm across, XF, once silver plated, Helena was the was the fifth child of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, born May 25, 1846
24514 Great Britain Death of William Pitt 1806 by Webb 27.00
Eimer 975, bronze, approx 50mm across
38765 Great Britain Edward VIII Coronation Medal 1937 6.00
Gilt bronze, approx 37mm across
38760 Great Britain George V Coronation Medal 1911 5.00
Brass, approx 29mm tall
38763 Great Britain George VI Coronation Medal 1937 4.00
Aluminum, approx 32mm across
32804 Great Britain Medal 1872 Battle of Hafrsfjord? 6.00
Bronze, approx 20mm across, millenium celebration in 1872 of something… not sure what, but I'm sure it's something
39235 Great Britain Sivler Jubulee Medal 1977 Crown Sized Proof 5.00
Copper nickel, 39mm across
63091 Great Britain Sterling Silver Medal 1972 Franklin Mint Proof 29.00
39 grams, aprpox 30mm across
63090 Great Britain Sterling Silver Medal 1972 Franklin Mint Proof 14.00
Prince Philip 14 grams, aprpox 30mm across
63089 Great Britain Sterling Silver Medal 1972 Franklin Mint Proof 14.00
Queen Elizabeth 14 grams, aprpox 30mm across
64320 Ireland Ulster Unionist Convention Belfast 1892 Old Flip 35.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across, Ulster Unionist Convention, Belfast, 1892, by Gibson & Co, Hibernia standing, holding banner, British lion at right, rev. crowned trio of shields, Purchased in a collection on 7/27/1927
31860 Denmark Medal 400th Anniversary of Christianshavn 1918 5.00
Brass, approx 27mm across
55667 Serbia Medal c1900 Military? Civil Service? 37.00
Brass, aprpox 30mm across, removed from mount at top, not really sure what it is for, but of the style of c1900
64702 France Universal Exposition Medal 1867 Napoleon III 6.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across
60094 France Award Medal for Drawing Academy in Dijon by Monnier 1768 46.00
Bronze, approx 40mm acoss, plain edge, no edge mark, original strike, award medal for drawing engraved by Louis Gabriel Monnier, the medal was commissioned by M. Legouz -Gerland, member of the Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters in Dijon
42490 France Bronze Medal Napoleon III Election 1852 6.00
Bronze, AU, looped as made, approx 23mm across, for the election of 1852.
42491 France Bronze Medal Napoleon III Election 1853 UNC 6.00
Bronze, UNC, looped as made, approx 23mm across, festival for the election of 1853.
45141 France Bronze Medal Napoleon III President Republic 5.00
Brass, UNC, approx 23mm across, for the election of 1848.
38712 France Bronze Medal Napoleon III President Republic 5.00
Brass, UNC, approx 23mm across, for the election of 1848.
42660 France Bronze Medal Napoleon III Visit Midi 1852 UNC 7.00
Bronze, UNC, looped as made, approx 23mm across, for the visit of 1852
31883 France Death Medal Jérôme Bonaparte Brother of Napoleon 1860 8.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across, removed from mount, Jerome I (formally Hieronymus Napoleon in German), King of Westphalia, between 1807 and 1813
35061 France Electoplate Shell Napoleon Bonapart Medal 1800s 12.00
Silvered bronze, approx 40mm across, an electoplate, still an old item
57270 France Louis XVII Completion of the Port of Sete 41mm 1666 by Mauger 139.00
Divo 91, bronze, approx 41mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, UNC

Sruck for the completion of the Port of Sete in 1666
57271 France Louis XVII Medusa Perseus Winged Horse 41mm 1694 by Mauger 139.00
Divo 259, bronze, approx 41mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, essentially UNC

Depicts Perseus on Pegasus with the head of Medusa
57273 France Louis XVII Neptune Opens Canal 41mm 1667 by Mauger 139.00
Divo 101, bronze, approx 41mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, UNC

Depicts the opening of the canal from the Garonne to the Port of Sčte in 1667
57272 France Louis XVII Siege of Limbourg 41mm 1675 by Mauger 139.00
Divo 146, bronze, approx 41mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, UNC

Depicts the French victory after the siege of Limbourg in 1675
35052 France Medal 1840 Return of the Body of Napoleon to France 12.00
Bramsen 1991, brass, approx 33mm across
38713 France Medal 3rd Republic of 1870 4.00
Bronze, approx 23mm tall
38714 France Medal 3rd Republic of 1870 3.00
Bronze, approx 23mm tall
46561 France Medal Baptism of Eugene Son of Napleon III 1856 10.00
Nice medal, gilt brass, nice UNC, approx 25mm across, made June 1856 for the baptism of Eugene, Napoléon IV, Prince Imperial (Napoléon Eugčne John Joseph, 16 March 1856 – 1 June 1879). Eugene was the only child of Emperor Napoleon III of France and his Empress consort Eugénie de Montijo. Eugene was killed in Africa fighting with the British against the Zulu.
64319 France Medal Commemorating Louis XVI Accepting Constitution 1791 UNC 160.00
Maz.244, bronze, approx 35mm across, lovely old flip for an original purchase on 1/12/1927. Designed by Dupre, struck by Monneron in Birmingham, obverse JE JURE D'ETRE FIDELE A LA NATION ET A LA LOI aith king with hand on constitution, rev MESSAGE DU ROI A L'ASS. NAT: CONSTte PRESIDt. Jes. Gme. THOURET - LE VŚU/ DU PEUPLE N'EST/ PLUS DOUTEUX/ POUR MOI:/ J'ACCEPTE LA/ CONSTITUTION./ 13 SEPTEMBRE/ L'AN III DE LA/ LIBERTÉ
45142 France Medal Marriage Napoleon III 1853 6.00
Bronze medal, approx 23mm across, struck for the visit of Emperor Napleon III and Spanish Princess Eugenie de Palafox, Countess of Teba to the city of Lille In 1853.
57477 France Medal Mother and Child Art Nouveau The Kiss Ovide Yencesse 65.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across.
45143 France Medal Music Competition 1870 Nice UNC 5.00
Bronze medal, approx 23mm across, struck for the "concours d'orpheons & fanfares" (competition of choruses & bands) in Guyard in 1870.
50050 France Medal Napoleon III Exposition of 1855 5.00
Bronze, approx 26mm across
50048 France Medal Napoleon III Marriage Medal 1853 5.00
Bronze, approx 25mm across
38711 France Medal Revolution of 1848 Archbishop Denis Auguste Affre 6.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across, struck for Archbishop Denis Auguste Affre who died in the revolution of 1848, la bon pasteur donne sa vie pour les freris (the good shepherd gives her life for the brothers)
38710 France Medal Revolution of 1848 Archbishop Denis Auguste Affre 6.00
Silvered bronze, approx 24mm across, struck for Archbishop Denis Auguste Affre who died in the revolution of 1848, puisse mon sang etre le dernier verse (may my blood be the last to shed)
38708 France Medal Statue for Paul Rubens Artist 1840 6.00
Tin or white metal, approx 29mm across, struck for the dedication of a statue to Paul Rubens on the 200th anniversary of his death
56185 France Victor Hugo Grand Poete Francais c1890 8.00
Brass, approx 30mm across, loop removed at top
41245 Napoleon III Josephine Marriage Medal Gilt Bronze 1853 5.00
Gilt bronze, approx 23mm across, looped as made.
62144 Paul Martin de Draguignan Department du Var 10.00
Brass, approx 24mm across, holed as made, from the 1800s, no idea who this guy actually is, but the Paris Musuem has an exampleof this medal
28736 German Famine Jeton 1817 Food & Beer Prices Cherub 20.00
Silvered brass, approx 33mm across, large jetton (actually marked "IETTON"), by Stettner, a German medalist known for his box medals (with round pictures inside). On obverse, a mother suckles one child while an older one cries for bread. On reverse, balance scales showing the outrageous prices for bread and beer, with the legend explaining that God doesn’t love the people. Funny, when Napoleon was the scourge of the Germans, a year or two before, God was reputedly on their side. One of a surprisingly long series of remarkably plaintive German Hunger medals, 1694-1847, and one of a dozen or so large jettons by Stettner (Napoleonic; Martin Luther and other subjects).
32599 Germany Duer Medal Silver Knight Death and the Devil 30.00
Silver, approx 45mm across, 40 grams, marked "1000" on edge, pure silver, with a "d" surrounded by triangle, "ritter tod und teufell" (knight death and devil) / "opera maxima in saeculis" (the works of long ago)
58852 Germany Medal Hans Sachs Silvered Bronze 41mm 18.00
Cast, possibly 1880-1920? Unsigned, depicts Hans Sachs (5 November 1494 – 19 January 1576), a German Meistersinger ("mastersinger"), poet, playwright, and shoemaker from Nuremberg
41291 Germany Silver Medal by Loos c1800 Agriculture 32.00
Silver, approx 27mm across, plain edge, by Loos, made c1800.
34966 Germany Town of Schwerte Meeting Medal Clover Swastica 1935 20.00
Bronze, appears to be sand cast, approx 48mm across, not sure what it is, but labeled as "Schwerte" and the reverse shows the crossed swords emblem of the city. I can make out the words Muenz (coin) and tagung (meeting), but not sure about the rest
31837 Franco Prussian War Medal Joan of Arc 1870 5.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across, klipped on the edge, shows Joan on horseback, struck for the 441st anniversary of her victories in battle as an inspiration for the Frence
35118 Germany Silvered Iron WWI Medal 10.00
Silver plated iron, approx 34mm across, nude male on wheel with torch and sword, "Grosses erleben macht erfüchtig und im Herzen fest, - Kaiser Wilhelm II 1916" (Experiencing great things makes you feel hearty and firm)
37910 Hungary Austria Satirical Medal 1743 Maria Theresa Pours Chamber Pot 50.00
Witt. 1906, brass, approx 38mm across, 1743 - Military Awards on one side / Maria Theresa ascending a set of stair pouring a bathroom chamber pot on the heads of 3 kneeling adults with her saying "AS IST DAS VERITABLE UNGARISCH WASSER" (This is the Veritable Hungarian Water), possibly related to Maria Theresa having herself crowned Queen of Bohemia in St. Vitus Cathedral on 2 May 1743
41027 Hungary Sports Medal Budapest Nude Gilt Bronze 1912 45.00
Bronze, gold plated, approx 42mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, not really sure what it is for, but the legend is Hungarian and it makes a reference to Budapest. An attractive item.
63922 Israel Medal Genesis Angel 15.00
Bronze, 51MM, original box, angel struggling with Jacob superimposed over the number 27. The REV has the State of Israel emblem and GEN 32:29 "Thy name shall be called…Israel."
31343 Ialy Gioachino Rossini Death Medal 1866 4.00
Bronze, approx 16mm across, looped as made, portrait / dates of birth dan death
64321 Italy Giambattista Bodoni Italian Typographer 1802 UNC Rim Nick 45.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across, UNC but a rim bump as shown, by Manfredini, Giovani Battista Bodoni (1740-1813) was an Italian typographer, type-designer, compositor, printer and publisher in Parma.
64967 Italy Independence Medal Garbaldi 1800s 4.00
Copper, approx 15mm across
38766 Italy King Emanuele III Medal 1906 5.00
Plated brass, aprpox 26mm across
62049 Italy Medal for Milanese Singer Luigi Lodovico Marchesi (1754-1829) 8.00
61971 Italy Milan Bronze Medal Beatrice d'Este Renaissance Style 8.00
Bronze, approx 30mm across, medal for Beatrice d'Este, princess of Milan and wife of Ludovico Sforza, probably struck less than 50 years ago
62068 Italy Military Reward Medal Philip II of Spain 1556 Aftercast 14.00
White metal, cast, approx 40mm across, Philip II of Spain and King of England, Military Reward, 1556, by Gianpaolo Poggini, (c.1518-1580), bearded bust left, wearing armour and small ruff collar, PHILIPPVS DG HISPANIARVM ET ANGLIĆ REX, rev., a pelican pecks her breast to feed her young with her blood, tablet below inscribed, D PRO LEGE REGE ET GREGE, within ornamental border
32531 Italy Palermo Botanic Garden Medal 40mm 1895 30.00
Silvered bronze, 40mm, for the 1st centennial of it's opening
57118 Mexico Marriage Medal Emperor Maximillian 8.00
Brass, approx 15mm across
45243 I.O.O.F. Convention Medal 1920 Boston 23.00
Gilt white metal, approx 3.3 inches tall, nice design
45246 Knights of Pythias Membership Medal c1900 20.00
Approx 4.3 inches tall, Crescent Lodge Number 118
45239 Knights Templar Buttonjh Enamel Cross Crown c 1910 11.00
Approx 1 inch tall, condition as shown
54544 Knights Templar Medal Engraved Skull Cross Bones De Witt Clinton 1896 18.00
About 3 inches tall, held together with a string, looks like gilt bronze, engraved with a sailing ship and skull and cross bones. Seems to be from a conclave held June 24-25 1896.
56295 Masonic Penny Marine City Michigan Mostly Red BU 15.00
Copper, approx 31mm across
56296 Masonic Penny Port Huron Michigan BU 15.00
Brass, approx 31mm across
60452 Masonic Rising Sun Lodge Eastwood District 1878 16.00
Brass, approx 20mm across
56503 Masonic Temple Token Farthing Size c1900? 9.00
Copper, approx 21mm across
55070 Shriner Convention LA 1907 Murat Temple Indianapolis 29.99
#5 Approx 2.8 inches tall
31804 India Afghanistan Silver Service Medal 1930-31 George V 55.00
Silver, lovely toning, great shape, engraved on edge "5194 SEP. SOHAN SINGH 1-15 PUNJAB R(egiment).
56414 Belgium Music Medal 1872 UNC 5.00
Brass, approx 23mm across
62147 Italy Medal Opera di Mutuo Soccorso in Falconara Marittima 1905 12.00
Brass, aprpox 26mm across, looped as made, handshake, possibly a mdela for the Opera Society - previdenza e lavoro (social security and work)
27534 Netherlands Coronation Medal William II 1840 10.00
Bronze, approx 23mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, nice detail, original patina. Struck for the coronation of William II (Willem Frederik George Lodewijk) on October 7, 1840.
46786 Netherlands Coronation Medal William III 1874 14.00
Brass, approx 17mm across, 25th anniversary of the 1849 coronation of William III
49917 Netherlands Florin Medal 700 Year Anniversary of Amsterdam 3.00
Copper nickel, approx 22mm across
62065 Netherlands Medal 1578 Aftercast Perseus Andromeda Aftercast 20.00
Cast, possibly in iron, approx 41mm across, old, Archduke Matthias, Governor General of the Netherlands Reverse: AMAT VICTORIA CVRAM Perseus flying to the rescue of Andromeda, tied to a rock and threatened by a sea monster. Ref .: van Loon, I, 243, 3
22049 Netherlands Medal Inauguration of Queen Wilhemina 1898 9.00
Nice medal, bronze, AU, approx 24mm across, some small scratches as shown, some original red.
59872 Italy Medal Leonardo Da Vinci Bronze Castle 4.00
Bronze, approx 24mm across, probably made in the 1950s???
54198 Leonardo Da Vinci Medal Brass c1900? 5.00
Brass, approx 23mm across,
41915 Napoleon France Medal Dedication of Tomb in 1869 5.00
Brass, approx 24mm across, loop removed, made for the dedication of the tomb.
59699 Peru 1896 Manuel Ortiz & Jose Munoz Heros of Independence 17.00
Silver, approx 23mm across, holed as issued
59749 Peru 2nd Annual International Fair 1961 BU 15.00
Brass, approx 33mm across
37667 Peru Independence Medal 1897 General José de San Martín 24.00
Bronze, approx 34mm across, July 28 in each year commemorates the day that Peru gained its independence. General José de San Martín, known as Peru's liberator, proclaimed Peru's independence on this date.
28612 Peru Medal Italian Hospital of Lima Silvered 1895 AU 17.00
Silvered bronze, nice AU, plain edge, no edge mark, approx 37mm across, nice grade, holed as shown, for the 14th anniversary of the Ospedale Italiano founded in 1881
30802 Poland Bronze Medal 1985 WWI General Józef Haller 6.00
Bronze, approx 40mm across. Józef Haller von Hallenburg (13 August 1873 – 4 June 1960) was a lieutenant general of the Polish Army. In 1918, in the aftermath of the "Charge at Rarancza", as commander of the 2nd Polish Auxiliary Corps with the Austrian Army, Haller broke through the Austro-Russian front line to Ukraine, where he united his troops with Polish detachments which had left the Tsarist army.
30842 Poland Medal 300 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna 12.00
Bronze, approx 45mm across, for the 300 year anniversay of the battle of Vienna - Wiedniem or odsiecz wiedenska (The Relief of Vienna), which took place at Kahlenberg Mountain near Vienna on 12 September 1683[1] after the imperial city had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months
31496 Poland Medal American Revolution Tadeusz Kosciuszko Eagle 10.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across, depicts Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish-Lithuanian military engineer, statesman, and military leader who became a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the United States.[3][4] He fought in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's struggles against Russia and Prussia, and on the U.S. side in the American Revolutionary War. As Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces, he led the 1794 Kosciuszko Uprising.
30844 Poland Medal Battle of Grunwald 15.00
Bronze, approx 40mm across,for the battle of Grunwald fought on 15 July 1410 during the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War. The alliance of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led respectively by King Wladyslaw II Jagiello (Jogaila) and Grand Duke Vytautas
30852 Poland Medal Battle of the Bzura 1939 10.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across, depicts the Battle of the Bzura (or the Battle of Kutno) was the largest battle of the 1939 German invasion of Poland, fought between 9 and 19 September 1939, between Polish and German forces. It began as a Polish counter-offensive, but the Germans outflanked the Polish forces and took all of western Poland.
30840 Poland Medal Black Madonna of Czestochowa 1982 12.00
Bronze, approx 40mm across, Bogurodzica Dziewica Bogiem Stawiena Maryja. In 1382, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Wladyslaw Opolczyk, advisor to Louis of Anjou the King of Poland, who asked him to place it in the Jasna Góra Monastery in Czestochowa, Poland
30848 Poland Medal Copernicus by Stanton 10.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across
30851 Poland Medal Józef Dowbor-Musnicki Greate4r Poland Uprising 1918–1919 13.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across, depicts Józef Dowbor-Musnicki (25 October 1867 – 26 October 1937) was a Russian military officer and Polish general, serving with the Imperial Russian and then Polish armies. He was also the military commander of the Greater Poland Uprising (Powstanie Wielkopolskie on reverse of the medal)
30850 Poland Medal Józef Poniatowski 37th Infantry Regiment 9.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across, depicts Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski, 7 May 1763 – 19 October 1813) was a Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, who became a Marshal of the French Empire.
30849 Poland Medal Józef Poniatowski 37th Infantry Regiment 7.00
Silvered bronze, approx 38mm across, depicts Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski, 7 May 1763 – 19 October 1813) was a Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, who became a Marshal of the French Empire.
30847 Poland Medal Kosciuszko Eagle Die Trial Striking c1976 13.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across, a die trial for a 1976 medal depicting Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kosciuszko February 4 or 12, 1746 – October 15, 1817) was a Polish-Lithuanian military engineer, statesman, and military leader who became a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the United States.] He fought in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's struggles against Russia and Prussia, and on the U.S. side in the American Revolutionary War. As Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces, he led the 1794 Kosciuszko Uprising.
30846 Poland Medal Millenium of Christianty 1966 Semper Fidelis 13.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across
30845 Poland Medal Polish Philatelic Of Canada Society Copernicus 1973 15.00
Bronze, approx 50mm across
30843 Poland Medal Pope John Paul II 1987 12.00
Bronze, approx 45mm across,"pokoj wam" (peace to you)
30841 Poland Medal Saint Francis of Assisi 800 Year Anniversary 15.00
Bronze, approx 40mm across, for the 800 year anniversay of his birth
63499 Poland NY World Fair Medal 1940 Paderewski UNC 12.00
Bronze, 32mm across, obverse Paderewski facing left. Above, PADEREWSKI; signed at bottom right, KILENY, Reverse Poland Exhibit bilding at World's Fair surrounded by two trees. In exergue, REPUBLIC OF POLAND / EXHIBITION / NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR / 1940
64468 Polish American Club Enameled Deputy Badge c1926 10.00
Gilt bronze, approx 120mm tall, from an organization associated with the Polish church in America, possibly Our Lady of Poland Roman Catholic Church in Southampton N, called St. Wojciecha Z.P.R.K. Wojciecha is the local name of Saint Albert of Prague
35112 Harrison Campaign Medal 1840 8.00
Nice grade but holed as issued
63675 U.S. Political Harrison Campaign Medal 1840 15.00
Nice grade but holed as issued, nice grade
31842 Bible Verse Medal Appears Old 3.00
Brzone, approx 29mm across, Matthew 5:3 (Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven) on one side, Luke 16:31 (If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead) on the other
62402 France Medal Miracle of Douai National Pilgrimage 1875 12.00
Silver plated copper, approx 34mm across, medal of the national pilgrimage to the sacrament of miracle in May 1875 in Douai.

In 1254 the Eucharistic miracle of Douai, a consecrated Host was unintentionally dropped to the ground while a priest was distributing Communion to the faithful. Immediately he bent down to pick up the Holy Eucharist, but the Host lifted up in flight and lighted on the purificator. A little later, a wonderful Child appeared there, Who all the faithful and religious present in the celebration could contemplate
34557 France Miraculous Medal Virgion Mary 1830 5.00
Gilt bronze, approx 15mm tall, the Miraculous Medal, also known as the Medal of Our Lady of Graces, is a devotional medal, the design of which was originated by Saint Catherine Labouré following her apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rue du Bac, Paris, France in 1830
62043 German Religious Medal 1800s Jesus 7.00
Brass, once gilt, approx 22mm across "furchte gott und halteseine gebote" (Fear God and keep his commandments)
32806 Germany Hungary 1800's Saint George Dragon Sailing Ship Jesus Tempest 7.00
White Metal, approx 26mm across, nice grade, from the early 1800s, made most likely in Germany, a religious pocket piece, St. George on one side, Security in a storm on the other, interesting item.
32807 Germany Hungary 1800's Saint George Dragon Sailing Ship Jesus Tempest 8.00
White Metal, approx 26mm across, nice grade, from the early1800s, made most likely in Germany, a religious pocket piece, St. George on one side, Security in a storm on the other, interesting item.
57997 Germany Reformation Martin Luther John Hus 1883 UNC 69.00
White metal, approx 40mm across, lovely UNC, for the 400 year anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther in 1483, reverse shows John Hus, a Czech priest burned at the stake
61778 Germany Silver Baptismal Medal 1700s 8.00
Silver, approx 15mm across
64965 Greece Baptismal Medal 1800s Pierced St. John Jesus Mary Joseph 4.00
Copper, pierced, approx 17mm across
54671 Italy Religious Medal 1700s Saint Peter Virgin Mary Lovely Bronze 90.00
Bronze, original, lovely patina, approx 34mm across
64700 Jesuit and Other Trio of Old Religious Medals 9.00
Brass and bronze, approx 23mm across
57017 Mexico Religious Medal Silver Jesus Our Lady of Guadeloupe 1800s 12.00
Silver, approx 18mm across
61963 Papal Medal Cannonization of Saint Chiara da Montafalco 1881 12.00
Brass, approx 26mm across
32593 Papal Medal John Paul II Beatification Of Francisco and Jacinta Marto 24.00
Silver, hallmarked, approx 30mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, Saint Francisco de Jesus Marto (11 June 1908 – 4 April 1919), his sister Saint Jacinta de Jesus Marto (11 March 1910 – 20 February 1920) and their cousin Lúcia dos Santos (1907–2005) were children from Aljustrel, a small hamlet near Fátima, Portugal, who witnessed three apparitions of the Angel of Peace in 1916 and several apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Cova da Iria in 1917
36590 Pope Saint John Paul II Our Lady of Czestochowa Medellian 4.00
Silver plated, approx 36mm across
64692 Religious Medal Old Jesus Mary Angels 12.00
Brass, appears old and cast, approx 28mm across
64693 Religious Medal Old Saint Bernadette Lourdes 8.00
Brass, approx 19mm across
55363 Saint Paul Beheading 3 Fountains Emperor Nero 8.00
French Religious medal, aluminum, approx 33mm across, holed as issued, depicts the execution of Saint Paul by Roman soldiers at the direction of Emperor Nero, reverse shows the 3 fountains church, where Saint Paul's head took 3 "bounces", releasing 3 springs
46923 Spain Jesuit Medal c1750 Saint Venantius of Camerino 22.00
Bronze, approx 21mm across, cast as issued, original medal made around 1750AD, probably Spanish or French. Depicts Saint Venantius of Camerino.

Venantius of Camerino (San Venanzio) (died 18 May 251 or 253) is the patron saint of Camerino, Italy. Christian tradition holds that he was a 15-year old who was tortured, and martyred by decapitation at Camerino during the persecutions of Decius. Martyred with him were 10 other Christians, including the priest Porphyrius, Venantius' tutor, and Leontius, bishop of Camerino.
47768 Spain Medal Congress of the Eucharist Madrid 1911 AU 8.00
Bronze, uniface, looped as made, approx 32mm tall
39164 Vatican Medal Pope Leo XII Jubilee Year 1826 10.00
White Metal, approx 24mm across
31406 Switzerland Geneva Shooting Medal 1851 10.00
Brass, approx 24mm across
So Called Dollar
31166 Boston Evacuation Day 1901 So Called Dollar HK-131 14.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across
43009 Century 21 Expo Medal Seattle Washington 1962 5.00
Brass souvenir medal, 1.324 inches diameter (33.6 mm). Obverse: Century 21 Expostion Seattle, Washington USA 1962. Reverse: United States Commemorative Medal - Space Age World's Fair.
22174 Montana So Called Dollar 1964 6.00
Interesting item, from the 100 year celebration, approx 41mm across.
47771 Spain Brass Medal 1904 Royal Visit Codorniu Winery 9.00
Brass, approx 25mm across, plain edge, original toning, struck for the visit of King Alphonso XIII to the "Cavas", portrait of king "S.M. EL REY DE ESPAŃA VISITO LAS CAVAS CODORNIU".
47770 Spain Bronze Medal 1904 Royal Visit Codorniu Winery 7.00
Bronze, approx 25mm across, plain edge, original toning, struck for the visit of King Alphonso XIII to the "Cavas", portrait of king "S.M. EL REY DE ESPAŃA VISITO LAS CAVAS CODORNIU".
64179 Australia Tasmania 1938 Crew Regatta Medal 18.00
Silvered Bronze, Carlisle 1938/12, commemorates Franklin & Tasman and Royal Hobart Centenary Regatta. Approx 36mm across, nice item.
19338 Chicago Ice Skating Medal 1921 Mayor Thompson 5.00
Nice copper medal, approx 24mm across.
31887 Denmark Svendborg Rowing Club Racing Medal 1925 Engraved 7.00
Bronze, approx 25mm across
37333 US UK 1800s Horse Jumping Medal 4.00
Brass, holed as issued, approx 21mm across, looks to be from the 1800s
28702 Sweden Medal Adolf Hedin Silver 1947 Tone 45mm XF 44.00
Silver, approx 45mm across, plain edge, marked silver 1947 on edge, engraved by Eric Lindberg of Nobel Prize Medal fame.

Sven Adolf Hedin (23 April 1834 – 20 September 1905) was a Swedish newspaper publisher, writer and politician. He was known for his advocacy for democratic and social reforms. In 1870 Hedin was elected a member of the lower house of the Swedish parliament. He continued as a Member of Parliament until his death, with the exception for the years 1874 to 1876 (when he was editor of Aftonbladet) and 1888.
30894 Sweden Medal Jacob Albrecht Lantingshausen 1765 Old Aftercast 24.00
Brass, approx 52mm across, nicely made, Governor of Stockholm
38993 Sweden Swedish Academy 1883 Stockholm Axel Gustafsson Oxenstierna 225.00
Silver, 58mm across, 90 grams, by Lea Fredrika Ahlborn (1826-1897), depicts Axel Gustafsson Oxenstierna, Count of Södermöre, born 1583 on Fĺnö mannor, in Löts socken, Uppland, Sweden, died 1654 in Stockholm, Sweden, was a Swedish count and statesman, poli
62791 Switzerland Bern 1930 Art Deco Medal Bridge Nude Lorraine 12.00
Bronze, approx 29mm across, engraved by Hucucnin
45092 Switzerland Zürich Bundestaler Silver Medal c1540 VF+ 59.00
Silver, cast, holed, once gilt, called a "Bundestaler", approx 44mm across, commemorating the Founding of the Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (Swiss Confederation). By Hans Jacob Stampfer, dated 1296 (though cast circa 1546 for the Confederation’s Sestercentennial). + WILHELM TELL VON VRE · STOVFFACHER VOŻ SCHWYTZ · ERNI VOŻ V(ND)ERWALD/+ ANFANG · DESS PVNTZ · IM IAR · CHRISTI · 1296 · (Wilhelm Tell from Uri, Werner Stauffacher from Schwyz, and Arnold of Melchtal from Unterwalden; the beginning of the pact in the year of Christ 1296), the oathtaking scene in the meadow of Rütli: three soldiers representing the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Nidwalden; in exergue, monogram between two flowers / Small Swiss cross within border of seven coats-of-arms; all within border of thirteen larger coats-of-arms.
44931 Uruguay Medal Julio Herrera y Obes 1893 18.00
Appears to be silver but is not marked as such, approx 28mm across, nice AU, looped as made.

Julio Herrera y Obes (Nairobi , January 9 of 1841 - ditto, August 6 of 1912 ) was a political and constitutional president of Uruguay between 1890 and 1894.
42392 Uruguay Silver Baptismal "Money" 1870s 13.00
Silver, approx 19mm across, holed (probably as issued), "recuerdo de bautismo" (memorial for a baptism).
36610 Cathedral Church Of St. John The Divine New York Souvenir Medal 5.00
Brass, approx 32mm across
56430 Kansas 1961 Silver US Mint National Commemorative Medal 16.00
Silver, plain edge, approx 34mm across, GEM BU.
38808 US Colonial Castorland Silver 1796 Restrike Paris Mint 45.00
Silver, approx 32mm across, nice Paris mint restrike, plain edge, edge marked argent with a cornucopia

Castorland was a proposed French settlement in Carthage, New York at the time of the French Revolution.
61204 US Heraldic Art Commemorative 1965 St. Augustine BU 20.00
Silver, plain edge, approx 31mm across, GEM BU, 1/2 Troy ounce pure silver (over 1/2 ounce total weight). From a series of fairly clever medals that the issuer intended to capture the spirit of the (suspended) US commemorative coin series. At first they were struck to the size and weight of US half dollars, but to avoid legal issues he later INCREASED the weight. It is a rather attractive series which has attracted many collectors. The early issues precede the spate of 1960s “coin-medals” and are desirable as contemporary commemoratives of various events and anniversaries. This one is by Robert McNamara of Heraldic Art Medals, Cleveland, Ohio.
38715 US Medal Centennial 1884 Methodist Episcopal Church 22.00
Gilt bronze, approx 35mm across, holed as issued, depicts Francis Asbury, the “Father of American Methodism” and Matthew Simpson, an American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, elected in 1852 and based mostly in Philadelphia
31420 US Military WWI Dog Tag LUDWIG, Walter F 18.00
Aluminum, approx 30mm across - I saw a listing for Walter Ludwig 07/26/1898 - 03/28/1976 in the Long Island National Cemetery
62041 US NYC Brooklyn Bridge Open Cerimony Medal 1883 10.00
White metal, approx 35mm across, holed as issued, condition as shown
55120 US So Called Dollar 1973 Hawaii Hilo $ Queen Volcano 10.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across
55111 US So Called Dollar 1973 Hawaii Maui $ Iao Needle Coat of Arms 11.00
Bronze, approx 38mm across
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