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Pic ID Description Price
50532 Byzantine Bronze Leo VI c900AD 20.00
Sear 1729, bronze, approx 23mm across
50539 Byzantine Bronze Pholas 604AD Leontia Antioch 28.00
Sear 671, bronze, approx 21mm across, nice color and patina
19844 Byzantine Follis Manuel I AD 1143 Overstruck Christ 17.00
Large bronze, approx 30mm across, nice old patina, looks overstruck on an earlier type, possibly an Islamic coin. I'm not that great at attributing these, but looks like Manuel I, 1143-1180 AD.
26312 Byzantine Silver Miliaresion John I Tzimisces 868AD 170.00
Silver miliaresion, nice condition, interesting type, approx 25mm across, 1.93 grams, John I Tzimisces (969-976), Constantinople Mint, S-1792.
49167 Trebizond Silver Asper of Manuel I Comnenus 1238 AD 115.00
Silver, nice grade, Manuel I 1238-1263, approx 22mm across, obverse St. Eugene, reverse Emperor, Sear 2601.
28881 Crusader Frankish Greece Achaea Silver 1285 AD 60.00
Silver Denar of Charles II of Anjou 1285-1289 Crusader occupation of Greece, Malloy #12, approx 18mm across, nice shape for type.
44485 Egypt Greece Ptolemy III c240BC Zeus Eagle HUGE Coin 99.00
Bronze, approx 37mm across and very thick, Ptolemy III 246-221BC, huge coin.
40338 Greece Kings of Bosphorus Thothorses cAD280 Stater 58.00
Mitchiner 235, Thothorses AD 279-309, bronze, approx 19mm across and thick, stater, lovely patina.
41042 Greece Ptolemaic Egypt 220BC HUGE Bronze Counterstamp 110.00
Bronze, approx 35mm across, cornucopia counterstamp, Zeus / Eagle, Ptolemy IV Philopator 22-24BC, "dimples" on the obverse and reverse are not damage, they are from how the coin was made at the mint.
28013 Greek Bactria Silver Drachm Elephant Ox 160BC Square 30.00
Mitchiner ACW 1754, silver, square, approx 16mm square, nice grade, some lamination problems, genuine coin, Apollodotos I 160-150BC
28077 Greek India Square Silver Drachm Bactria Elephant 160BC 60.00
Indo Greek, fine silver, Apollodotos I, 160 -150BC, Mithciner 1750, approx 15mm across
41936 India Ancient Pala Silver Drachm c850AD Mitchiner ACW 398 11.00
Mitchiner ACW 398, silver, approx 17mm across, struck 850-908 AD, Vigrahapala.
27839 India Ancient Vijayanagar Unit Bronze Lion c1520AD Nice 17.00
Mitchiner NIS 901, copper, approx 17mm across, Krishna Devaraja (1519-1529), interesting item
59048 India Ancient Yaudheya & Kushan Empire 3rd Century Large Bronze 12.00
Bronze, approx 23mm across, Post Kushan Yaudheya Republic bronze unit from the 3rd century, depicting Kartitikeya on one side and Yaudheya Ganasya Jaya on the other. These are from the Ganges River Valley.
21145 Elam Kamnaskir Orodes III 2nd Century Drachm Portrait 23.00
Kingdom of Elam, part of the Persian Gulf, a vassal of the Parthian Empire. This is a bronze drachm of Kamnaskir Orodes III, from the mid 2nd century AD, Mitchiner 718, bronze, approx 15mm across, nice grade, interesting item.
47451 Roman Antoninianus Diocletian Heraclea 293AD As Struck 26.00
Sear 12636, approx 22mm across, no signs of wear on this lovely Antoninianus of Diocletian, struck in 293 in the city of Heraclea (now the Turkish city of Marmara Ereglisi). Lovely steel grey patina, problem free, very well struck up and very nicely centered, retains much of its original silvering. Reverse shows Jupiter handing Diocletian a statue of victory, legend on reverse is CONCORDIA MILITUM refering to the desire to have peace with the army. Guaranteed genuine. This coin is from the CNG (Classical Numismatic Group) Triton V auction (1/2002).
39931 Rome Maximinus II Follis c310AD 17.00
Follis, Maximinus II AD 309-313, obverse GAL VAL MAXIMINUS NOB CAES reverse GENIO CAESARIS. Nice shape, similar to Sear 3753, larger than a quarter, slight weakness in strike in spots.
39932 Rome Maximinus II Follis c310AD XF+ 25mm NICE 18.00
Follis, Maximinus II AD 309-313, obverse GAL VAL MAXIMINUS NOB CAES reverse GENIO CAESARIS. Nice shape, similar to sear 3753, larger than a quarter, slight weakness in strike in spots
21498 Rome Valentinian I 364-375AD Soldier Drags Captive Hair 14.00
Bronze, approx 17mm across, Valentinian I, 364-375AD, obverse DN VALENTINIANUS P F AVG, reverse GLORIA ROMANORUM with soldier dragging a captive by his hair
40116 Roman Provincial Alexandria Troas Romulus Remus 250AD 28.00
Bronze, approx 22mm across, lovely patina, figure of the city on obverse, she wolf with children, anonymous, approx 250-268AD.
57866 Roman Republic Denarius C. Poblicius Rome Claudius Pucher Rome 110 BC 85.00
Sear 176, silver, approx 20mm across,
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